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Into The Woods @ UHS
You Know You're Obsessed When....

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You Know You're Obsessed When....
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You know you're obsessed with ITW when...  

*  You have the Broadway, London, and revival cast CDs.

*  You own the VHS, but STILL bought the DVD just to see if it had extra you had to see the design inside the case! (It doesn't)

*  You've drawn costume and set designs- some of which you turn into cardboard models.

*  You've already begun thinking about which ITW quote will be on your gravestone.

*  Not only is your room green, but you've also decorated it with curly twigs.

*  You recorded the '02 Tony awards, just to watch the scene from ITW.

*  You've actually created a staff that can break and be put back together- now you're wondering how to conceal dry ice within the damn thing.

*  You can do Rapunzel's bit and Bernadette's scream without error- even when you're a male and your voice has changed.

*  You've purchased the complete vocal score, even though it's mostly impossible to play all the way through unless you're Sondheim.

*  You have made CD copies of all three casts in case anything was to happen to the originals.

*  You read all of the Grimm brother's fairytales just so you could imagine an ITW sequel in your head.

*  You plan on marrying a baker some day.

*  All of your friends who don't have a clue what ITW is, knows the entire score.

*  You purposely fail a grade because you hear Into The Woods in the school musical next year.

*  You have an autographed picture of Adam Wylie hanging over your bed, and you're trying to watch every show he ever guest starred in since he was ten.

*  You've created an Into The Woods collage on the cover of all your notebooks at school.

*  You write all your English assignments in school about ITW or fairytales.

*  You've bought all the Barbie fairytale dolls with characters from ITW.

*  When you go to NY, even if you can't see the show, you at least want to go to the theater and take pictures of the outside.

*  You can sing all the parts in "Your Fault" without taking a breath.

*  Or... you can sing each character's part in "Your Fault" unaccompanied.

*  You listen to a certain ITW song every night before you go to sleep.

*  You live in your ITW shirt.

*  On The Sims, you have one family with the last name Into, and the first names are Chip, Joanna, Bernadette, Kim, Ben, and Danielle.

*  You have a second Sims family with the strange last name of The, and the first names are Stephen, Kerry, Vanessa, Laura, Adam, and Molly.

*  Finally, the last Sims family has the last name Woods, and the first names are Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch, Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red Riding hood.

*  When people say, "I wish" you subconsciously cut them off with "I know", or, "More than anything!"

*  Similarly, when people say, "But that's another story" you silently add, "never mind, anyway!"

*  You wish there were someone to argue with over whether the part should be (Granny/Cinderella's Mother) or (Granny/Cinderella's Stepmother).

*  You start a vegetable garden and ask at the nursery where the magic beans are kept.

*  You try to find out who that guy was that coughed during the taping of the DVD of ITW so you can teach him a lesson. (During "On the Steps of the Palace").

*  Find real bugs to squish when you're pretending to be the witch.

*  You stay after school whenever there's a rehearsal, even though you aren't in the musical.  

*  You take pictures of EVERYONE that has anything to do with the musical.  

*  You actually made a whole web site dedicated to ITW.  

*  You bought a toy cow and named it milky-white.  

*  You have the Entire script.  

*  You pause the CD during songs to say the dialogue.  

*  You've spent most of your childhood in a red cape.

*  You check out and forums practically everyday to make sure you're not missing out.

*  You've turned ITW into a religion, which you convert others to.

*  You've spent days staring at the smoke/fog machine in "Spencers", wondering if you should spend the money and try to recreate the end of 'Last Midnight' - then you remember you don't have a trap door in your room

*  You watch the Witch's Transformation in slow motion to make sure you watched it all, trying to figure it out.

*You regretted graduating from high school based on the fact that the quote that was chosen for the yearbook is not from Into the Woods

*  You bought/borrowed the childrens book and attempted to read it to a child

*  You insisted on learning everything about those in the original cast by looking for any web page mildly related including a page about a woman named Joanna Gleason who does tapestries.

*  When writing what the world looks like from a bird's eye view in English, you include the line, "little more than a glance is enough to show you just how small you are"  

*  You printed out all the lyrics and have them with you all the time.  

*  Your bad side keeps trying in vain to get you to threaten the actress playing Cinderella to perfect "On the Steps of the Palace" before performing it.  

*  Keep a printout of all the most inspirational lyrics, ready to inspire you on queue, then never get it out because you know them all by heart anyway.  

*  Your best friends last name just happens to be "Baker"  

*You're constantly making hilarious references to ITW that no one else seems to get.

* When the musical is over, you say goodbay to your music book.

* In your music score, you wrote in almost all the line ques........By memory!

* You copy the piano score of a few songs, perfect it, then sing along.  

*  You actually took time to type up this whole list!

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