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Into The Woods @ UHS

About Me

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I'm a sophomore at Unionville High School. As you can tell, I am a GREAT fan of musicals. ITW is one of my favorites so far (Les Mis is my all time favorite...All song, no words...yes...I had that memorized for quite some time too). I play mallet percussion in Pit Orch for the musical. More interesting facts about I also play the piano, guitar, harmonica, and I used to play the violin. I have also tried(not continued) the clarinet, flute, and trumpet. And I love technology. I taught myself HTML. Hmmmm....I know 3 languages; English, Mandrin, Spanish(Learning in School), I am also learning American Sign Language, and Braille. I volunteer at the library, school store, um...some other Girl Scout stuff, Used book sale, stage crew manager for fall play, and staff member for Youth to's about it. I'll add more later.

Here's the basic Braille chart. The only way I can think of how this relates to ITW, is that the prince was blinded...(even though Rapunzel gave him his sight back, he ran off to Snow White...)